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Find Bilingual Employees in Canada | Anne WhittenEstablished in 1974, Anne Whitten Bilingual Recruitment Inc. is a boutique agency that leads the industry by providing personalized, professional service and maximum value to both employers and candidates. We offer English/French bilingual staffing solutions and career opportunities for permanent, temporary and contract positions.

Here is why we claim to be the best placement agency in Canada:

    • More security
      We offer a flexible replacement guarantee based on the complexity of the position.
    • Better matching
      We get to know our clients well and this helps us to avoid mismatching them with applicants who do not fit their unique business environment or corporate culture (a prime reason for new employee turnover).
    • Dedicated Recruiter
      We pair all clients with a single, dedicated consultant. This one-on-one approach has proven to be a significant value-added benefit to our clients.
    • Thorough applicant evaluations
      We thoroughly evaluate all candidates for written, verbal and computer competency skills. As all HR professionals know, KSA embellishment is a common problem. We ensure the quality of our applicants to avoid post-hire disappointments.
    • A network that works for you
      We are very well connected in the GTA’s Francophone community. If you are a company that has a bilingual staffing need, or an applicant searching for the perfect position, we can almost certainly assist.

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