Find your ideal bilingual jobOften the most difficult part of getting the job you want is the exact moment when you come face to face with a prospective employer. Just when you need confidence, it completely disappears.

Making interviews work to your advantage is something everyone can do. It just takes careful planning.

Pre-Interview: Do your homework!

Think about what you want to achieve from the interview. Remember it is just as important for you to find out about the prospective employer as it is for them to learn about you.

Your consultant will give you a detailed job description, including the level of bilingual skills required.

Familiarize yourself with the company and its business prior to the interview. Research the company on the Internet, making sure to review their social media sites including LinkedIn and Facebook.

Prepare a list of questions to ask and note points you want to cover during the interview.

Consider potential questions that the interviewer might ask about your experience and skill set; rehearse your answers in both English and French with a friend or your consultant.

First impressions are important so think carefully about what to wear, make sure you look smart and professional.

Interview Day: Aim to impress

Plan your route and give yourself plenty of time. Aim to arrive with 5-10 minutes to spare so you can check your appearance, take note of your surroundings and relax.

When you meet the interviewer make eye contact, smile and give a firm handshake.

Remember to be positive, sit up straight, listen and look interested!

Concentrate, make frequent eye contact and reply to questions in a clear and concise manner.

Be polite, remember to say please and thank you and never interrupt the interviewer when they are speaking.

Don’t fidget! Fidgeting can make you appear overly nervous and unfocused.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself! Being too modest is potentially as harmful to your chances as exaggerating your skills or experience.

During a preliminary interview it is not good policy to inquire about salary and benefits. If asked, say you will consider a fair offer!

At the conclusion of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time and express interest in continuing the process.

Shake hands, make eye contact, smile, ask when to expect a follow up.

After the interview: Follow up!

Send a thank you note briefly outlining your continued interest in the position.  Be sure to proofread!

Follow up with your consultant giving your feedback!